Wondr Health: Digital and Social Media Marketing

Step 1:






This project was a part of an international digital marketing competition I took part of with my previous digital marketing team. The competition was partnered with Wondr Health. Teams in the contest were to create a strategy for social media and digital B2C (business to consumer) marketing.


Throughout this assignment I was to…

  • Create a strategy for any owned assets such as website, social media, etc.
  • Incorporate paid placement strategies such as paid search, social advertising, etc.
  • Develop a schedule, budget, and evaluation methods.

My personal thoughts will be documented in this column! Hi (:


This case study was optimized for presentation through a video pitch and live presentation, therefore, thorough information is not on the presentation itself and will be explained here.


Our research process was mainly regarding how to efficiently promote Wondr Health keeping in mind that our target demographics are millennials, gen x, and baby boomers. With this information, we deduced that the best social media platforms to promote on would be facebook and youtube.


Things to be prioritized when attempting to market towards these demographics is that all three generations prefer videos as a form of obtaining information which can be of major help to Wondr Health as the company’s Youtube presence is lacking as well as when one searches Wondr Health in google and looks under the videos tab. While traditional marketing may come in handy for this brand, videos especially Youtube advertisements can be just as easily digestible and easy to stumble upon.


Other than the importance of videos, it is also important to note that Millenials are the generation that enjoy brand interaction and expressing their like or dislike for a brand while Gen X relies on these reviews made by other people as a means of deciding whether the brand is good enough to break routine or a current loyalty loop, baby boomers are the same if not more engaged in their loyalty loop and therefore the hardest to market to. Considering they all rely heavily on feeling a sense of trust, referrals from people who talk about the success one obtained from Wondr Health, a trustworthy company’s partnership and collaboration, or a celebrity referral and sponsorship would do wonders to brand awareness.


This is why partnering with social media influencers is a large part of our approach…


@TiffanyRotheWorkouts creates fitness content on Facebook and Youtube, as well as sharing more casual, personal posts that help her feel like more than just another content creator. At almost 200k followers, she has a sizable and loyal following. Rothe has taken paid sponsorships before, but she doesn’t overwhelm her followers with constant ads, so they will be more open to them when they appear.


@KandidlyKristine has 70k followers on Facebook, and talks about her weight loss journey, sharing her workout routines and favorite recipes.


@TheSeriousFitness on Youtube shares weight loss-related recipes to 1M subscribers on Youtube.


We would encourage them to express their real and genuine experiences with Wondr Healths diet and fitness plan and how it has positively affected them as sincerity and reliability is a common theme in Wondr Health’s brand identity.


Upon our approach, we decided to use programmatic ads as a tool for ad buying, with daily reports and embed Wondr Health ads into relevant sites under native ads form. The primary purpose is to increase awareness with “click for more” as CTA for conversion drive as our secondary goal. We plan to adjust target market based on geographic and behaviors such as lifestyle. The campaign is adjustable with goals and objectives accordingly.


Facebook and Youtube ads are used for social media paid ads to target the right audience for deeper conversions. Youtube with similar search function to Google will reach audience who resonate with offered products, along with clickable items considering our primary target age range is 18-65.


For owned channels, as we input Wondr Health’s website into website grader, we received a 71, which is acceptable, but leaves room for improvement. The main causes were heavy page size, too many page requests, and long loading speed. As long page speed can increase bounce rate. Some suggestions are to compress images, minimize source, minify CSS/HTML and deactivate unnecessary plugins. We recommend to chat with an IT personnel or a UX designer to resolves technical issues.


Owned channels strategies are observed and created based on platforms. It is vital to become a member on your own platform for social listening and integration to conduct the best reviews. Besides, retweeting to fans or personally messages them can increase brand loyalty and relevancy to followers, since millennials and gen X preferred brands who have a deep connections with them. We would also suggest you to do research on Gen Z as your future target audience, they are not only tech savvy, but also have the most screen time on mobile and desktop. These two factors can make Gen Z the ideal customer profile for Wondr-Health, which is a digital weight loss program.


SEO improvement is important to consider as it may bring more customers through organic search and improve brand awareness. We can add more releveant keywords from Wondr Health’s website into each ad groups. We used Wordtrackers and Spyfu to check how much each keyword cost.


For budgeting our campaign, our base plan is to spend $15 a day or $1260 for 12 weeks to get 7 click a day and receive at least a CTR of 2%, but with the high probability of this being higher. This is an experiment to see if these keywords suggested would yield a strong CTR.


In the beginning we will use a bigger percentage of the budget on Youtube paid ads. Direct response for Google Ad Campaign will be the most profitable in driving conversions. We will also break down the budget into quarters (refer to slide 21).


From the quarters of our budget we will be evaluating success based on multiple metrics:


For Q1 regarding awareness, success will be measured in spend, impressions, link clicks, reach, engagement, and CPM.


For Q2 and Q3 regarding consideration and conversions the metrics will be its spend, impressions, clicks, site traffic, CPC, CTR, CPL, direct search, sign-ups, referrals, and leads.


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The ideation process came fairly smoothly as Wondr Health provided contestants with a long and very specific presentation with all of its brand guidelines. These guidelines came with color codes, specific fonts that can be easily downloaded, verbiage and tone of text, and other specifics. 


My group and I decided that I would create both print ad prototypes as well as video ad prototypes that was advised to use as a Youtube paid ad. 

This was my first experience with such specific guidelines and I was so interested in it! It was definitely stressful having to repeatedly check the guidelines to make sure I was abiding by the rules, but it made me realize how much I would love to work on a brand guideline in the future!

I decided the best way to go about producing a print ad according to Wondr Health’s demographic would be to utilize photographs of real people and real food that older people can immediately identify. So I looked through stock images appropriate for commercial use and popped it into Photoshop to create a simple, but effective print ad. One of which is simpler than the other and would both be promoted on Facebook. 

The same process was applied to the video editing process with looking for stock videos that are appropriate for commercial use and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. In order to gain the most traffic and attract the most people in the given target market, Wondr health would have to utilize video ads that are short and informative, or appealing and intriguing. Both of which were prototyped. Stock videos were used as well as videos from the Wondr Health website of people talking about their positive experiences with the service.

I had to tie in both stock footage and footage from Wondr Health to create a cohesive video. I was concerned that it would not look realistic, but I think looking back at it, it is hard to tell what footage was stock!


Here I have made 2 print ads that can be promoted on Facebook which has a strength in being able to market to niche categories one may not have been able to target on another social media platform.


The first ad with the tagline “Health is All Inclusive” would be good to market to who have not made any sort of conversions or if there were no clicks from the user as it is the most informational and may spark interest.


The 2nd ad is good to advertise to those who know of Wondr Health have clicked but maybe have not made the wanted conversion as it is simple, but a reminder of the brand. Constant reminders of the brand may also aid in that subconscious sense of familiarity


It was difficult to squeeze in the perfect amount of information that was not too much or too little but it was important to the ads’ success because of the target market.

This is the first video ad that shows the impact of Wondr among multiple people who may be higher in age.

In our research, the target generations love the feeling of not being forgotten in marketing and feeling as though they were included and acknowledged. They may disregard the ad if the people utilized in the advertisements were not clearly of the same age bracket, so I made sure to include a man of color and a woman.

This is the last video ad that focuses on Wondr’s impact of one person that may come off as relatable as it is of an older gentleman who is talking about how he initially doubted Wondr as the audience may also feel, but was proven wrong in its benefits.


These ads are to be played on Youtube with a 5 second time limit due to the fact you want to grab their attention as soon as possible and avoid your ad being skipped since you can only skip ads past the 5 second mark. As I said, video ads are vital to the success of marketing Wondr Health, and utilizing these clips from the longer video of these Wondr stories from the website would be perfect to promote trust and belief that the brand does work. I found that informational videos with some sort of hard evidence of a brand’s benefits is more attractive to the demographic, rather than simply a visually pleasing advertisement that simply states what a brand could do for you.


Other ads that would definitely prove to be successful are advertisements from well received celebrities and influencers that these generations may all know and trust as the importance of influencer approval has already been discussed.

Finding the videos that Wondr Health made with refferals from people who have used its services helped so much in the process. I was looking for ways to prototype refferals because when we advanced past the first round I had suggested it but did not prototype it because I had no footage to use. This definitely strengthened the video ads!


I began this process very hesitant as a beginner in an international competition. That thought in and of itself was very intimidating, but I realized that regardless whether or not we advance or even win the main reasoning in my participation was simply wanting more experience in digital and social media marketing. This mindset calmed me down and allowed me to work as hard as I could without fear of failure because the only way I could fail is if I did not put in any effort and allowed myself to lose. 


Following our digital and social media marketing development, we managed to advance in rounds twice and made it to the finals. My team was 1 of 7 finalist teams in a global competition invited to present to digital marketing professionals from Wondr Health, Amazon Ads, Amplified Digital, Epilson, and Butler, Shine, Stern, & Partners. Some keytakeaways were…

I could not have been more proud of the outcome of this experience, not just from our advancements, but also my team attempting this competition and how much I managed to learn from my participation.

Going out of one’s comfort zone is exactly what one needs to succeed. This applies to me as a team member hesitant to join the competition as well as in comparison to the award winning teams who delved beyond the standard. They proposed promoting on Twitch and even dating websites, which although that sounded strange in the moment, the judges loved the originality! We all had similar ideas, but the originality stood out.
Presenting knowledge can be just as impactful as experience. My team and I had just taken our first digital marketing class that semester therefore we doubted our abilities. We were the smaller people in a room full of people with so much experience, but we still managed to compete.