Hi! I am currently looking for employment!

I am also currently open to free-lance work in the areas of UX/UI, graphic design, video editing, etc. I would love to help in any way I can!

Trust me to always put effort into everything i do.

I have always been driven by my passion and values. Growing up, I was taught that everything I do should be with a positive intent whether that be within the realms of my personal life or with the betterment of the world in mind. My parents engrained this into my mind and although I would love to say it was just some annoying, trivial, parent thing to advise me, it did stick with me. Well they didn’t say it as cool and smart as me though, it was more like, “Anak, (child in Filipino) make sure you work hard when you grow up and never stop learning!”. And to this day it is a big part of my core values.


I love growing. Not literally, although I would like to think me growing to be comedically tall would definitely be a great addition to my life. But I do love constantly learning and growing! I love picking up new hobbies big and small, like I recently picked up 3D rendering and tennis and I’m trying to force myself to enjoy working out and maybe sewing. And I am simply adding this to the pile of other random skills I have acquired over the years consisting of, but not limited to

  • Drawing
  • Painting (kind of bad?)
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Embroidering
  • Eating soup
  • Crying and calling it meditation
  • Being able to make adult phone calls (I do have to walk a distance away from whoever I am with at the time, but this skill is still a work in progress. Also I consider ordering food for pickup as an adult phone call)

But my point is, with my passion for self growth and my values being rooted in putting forth effort no matter the task, I will always be searching for a positive impact to grant myself, those around me, and the world. All of my actions are done through the lense of a romantacist who is devoted to being an artist and creator even throughout the mundane tasks with seemingly no artistic ties. Artists big and small can all make an impact through sheer will and determination to spread their message. My message being: dreams will only stay dreams if you allow them to. In saying this, I will always be on the pursuit to be the best person and best artist I can be, making the best impact I can, and hopefully still being able to keep a sense of humor during it. Therefore, no matter what I do I will always being giving my 100000%.


And that’s the employee of the month forever guarantee!


Jokes aside, I would be so happy to simply network and build a connection with you! Reach out to me for any professional reason and I will gladly reply. 

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