Graphic Design


My corporate style tends to be more geometric in shape than organic, while still relaying personality. Keeping these shapes clean and thematic with the tone that the brand is to convey has always been a big priority. 

Keeping things simple and clean is important to keep professionalism, but adding my own touch of personal identity and brand identity has always been my favorite part of design!


Mockups are created with both presets as well as the use of visible points to create my own. Designs on the objects themselves are fully ideated, designed, and prototyped by me. Mockups are generally kept neat with limited distractions from the designs unless used for promotional imagery. 

I thoroughly enjoy creating mockups because they really bring my designs to life!


My main personal style is very heavily inspired by surrealism, absurdism, and occasionally a mixture of graffiti and print aspects. 

My personal style does tend to fluctuate, but I don’t hate the versatility that I hold. I am very proud of it though some may argue against consistency! I can do almost any style if requested.