My corporate video styles are very simple and in development. I have experience with both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, so I have experience with more advanced visual graphics, but tend to edit in a simple and clean style.

I would love to delve more into visual graphics! I enjoy editing real footage, but it would be an interesting change of pace to work on more visual effects.

Wondr Health Video Ad 1

Wondr Health Video Ad with multiple refferals.

Wondr Health Video Ad 2

Wondr Health Video Ad with a single, personal refferal.

Echoww Promotional Video

Instagram Reel content for Echoww.

Red Bird Global Case Study

Instagram content promoting a protoype of a case study by Red Bird.

Red Bird Global Humorous Video

Humorous Instagram content for Red Bird.

Red Bird Case Study

Quote version of Red Bird Global prototype case study.


My personal style is a more modern and comical approach to video editing. Similar to that of my graphic design style in that it tends to be more surreal and absurd in nature with more graffiti, street-style elements.

I find my personal video editing very fun because of the comedic elements I tend to tie in!

FSA Pam Reveal

GIF converted into MP4 of a video I created for a college organization.

ASO Short Launch

A short animation made in Premiere Pro and Photoshop to launch the social club ASO.