The Patel Law Group: Digital Marketing

Step 1:




This project was assigned during the span of a semester for my Digital Marketing class. The semester project was to work with a local business of any kind and develop a digital marketing strategy that would enhance their non-existent or already established web authority. 


Throughout this assignment I was to…

  • Check on the proficiency of the keywords used and propose both positive and negative keywords to utilize in their digital marketing strategy.
  • Conduct Moz research regarding the website’s domain and page authority.
  • Utilize website grader to check the site’s performance, SEO, Mobile UI, and security.

My personal thoughts will be documented in this column! Hi (:


My group and I decided to reach out to Patel Law Group in Irving, TX to propose our digital marketing strategy to improve their already existing method. The PDF below holds all the research done as well as the email sent to the law firm offering them our strategy. 


The document holds…

  • Research about Patel Law’s competitors
  • The target market
  • Keywords and aggregates
  • Developed personas
  • Engagement on social media as well as their competitors engagement
  • Competitor’s potential influence
  • Keywords according to and analysis of said keywords
  • Negative keywords
  • Competitor reviews and brand identity analysis
  • Moz research for Patel and its competitors and the potential reasoning for its scores
  • Website grader analysis regarding performance, SEO, mobile UI, and security 
  • Account structure
  • Paid search ads
  • Campaign extensions with visual examples
  • Final proposal

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This was very out of my realm as it really forced me to hone into the logistics aside from brand identity and moreso how a brand with an already established identity can digitally market itself for a better reach. I was very daunted at first with such a research heavy project, but it turned out to be a very enlightening process that I was very grateful to experience. 


Upon reflection, I am thankful for having been granted the task of conducting this research and being able to improve a company’s digital marketing strategy voluntarily. It was a new experience and was quite intimidating at first, but now I am confident of my abilities to create a sufficient digital marketing strategy.


The email was received fondly and the grade was an outstanding A, but beyond that our proposal would it greatest success in its depth of research. With all factors included and suggested, if Patel was to pursue our proposal it would result in a website grade increase of at least 10%. The key takeaways from this project are that..

We succeeded with flying colors and I was very happy with my groups efforts. So much so, we proceeded in entering into an international digital marketing competition for a different company and made it to finals where we presented in front of large corporations! It was amazing and this class definitely granted me a lot of experience.

One can create an impressive initial strategy, but it is always smart to monitor it for change. We could tell that the Patel Law Firm did have a good plan with certain keywords and google paid ads already implemented, but there can always be improvements to be made over time. Productive keywords may always change.
Never forget your target market and your competitors. PLG excels in certain areas while some areas are weak leaving there to be room for one to consider its competitors. PLG markets itself very professionally while most high reviews for its competitors are regarding the friendliness, reliability, and over all positive tone. Listen to your market and never stop listening!