The Brand Executives: Social Media Marketing

Step 1:






I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with The Brand Executives for my internship. During my time interning as a social media marketer and content creator I worked with multiple companies working with this marketing agency. 

Throughout this internship I was to…

  • Develop social media marketing campaigns on a week by week experimental basis across multiple platforms for multiple companies.
  • Create a coherent brand identity on social media and design content based upon this.
  • Maintain the upkeep of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

My personal thoughts will be documented in this column! Hi (:


Although I made multiple marketing campaigns I thought it would be redundant to show all of them, so instead I attached four good presentations of the research I would do for every company I was assigned to create a marketing campaign for. 


As a brief overview of the content, I would begin with initial brand research and if I found that the brand did not have a strong sense of brand identity I would make it an objective to build one. Then I would note marketing strategies I will be covering and doing research over and posts I believe would be successful for the brand. I would then do research on competitors in the same industry and see what they’re doing and what things are proving to be successful on different platforms and how this can be translated into what our company can do. 


Then I observe their posting schedules and how frequent they post and how much interaction these posts get and build a 2 week posting schedule based off of this. I also take note of what posts are doing particularly better and why I believe it is doing better. With all this research done about the competitors I will take away certain strategies I would like to utilize and then create a list of content ideas ranging from simple graphics to videos, reels, stories, etc. 


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Because of my cramped schedule I did not have much time throughout the week to create prototypes and then finalize the project, instead the first week of my internship was me creating prototypes for my supervisor to approve of and to test out my style of work. Once I was initally approved I was able to move on to being able to post as soon as I finished the graphic.

I had not worked much with corporate style, but I thought it was interesting how I was encouraged to bring my youthful style to the table which made the process so much more fun!


Once I finished creating these graphics, which are made with combination Canva and Photoshop, I would then add them to a queue in buffer with hashtags groups designated for every company based upon their industry and what hashtags were successful for their competitors.

Initially, I was hesitant to go into this field because I assumed everything would be creatively draining and my creativity is something I hold very dearly to me. I realized now that it doesn’t have to be draining. It may be mindless at some points, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily bad. I also learned this working for my student organization and I loved both positions!


Despite my initial hesitations on the position because I never even considered getting a social media marketing internship, I was so happy that I took this position. It sincerely was an amazing look inside the industry and it made me significantly less scared of my future. I loved the atmosphere and the people, and to my surprise I even liked the work that I did. When I took up this internship I did not think I would actually want another social media marketing job, but this made me want to continue working in an atmosphere where I can juggle multiple jobs.


The key takeaways from this internship are that…

I remember being so nervous for the first day of my hybrid internship because I was scared of having second thoughts in my industry, but I absolutely loved it and I am so happy that this was my first experience.

Being proud of your work is a mindset. No one is holding you accountable to be proud or to do your best artistic work. That is solely up to you, and I was so happy to learn this with my biggest concern being artistic block.
Stay curious but also juggle your work responsibly! Initally, I was so eager to work in a smaller company because I could help in any field I want. I wanted to shadow the UX/UI designers, I wanted to work in brand development, I wanted to meet the founders of companies, and all of those things are great… As long as you get your assigned work done.